Nigel Elder Golf Coach
Nigel Elder Golf Coach

Coaching Program

Nigel has designed a program that will reinforce the skills you already have, build new ones,teach you how to practice, how to think on the golf couse and give you a detailed training plan on how to lower your scores.


Nigel teaches general golf skills rather than a specific swing or method. He believes that learning skills and transferring them to the course is essential for the improvement of your game. No two golfers are alike so Nigel`s Coaching Program is on an individual basis to help you achieve your own specific goals. The essential skills to be learned are:

1.    Ball Control
2.    Distance control
3.    Mental Management


A specific plan for improvement will be developed based on your goals, ability and commitment level. The plan will include:
Priorities for you (what areas are we going to address?), Process for improvement (how we are going to make the changes?), Plan for off-course and on-course (when/sequence for changes?), and Production (tracking the results of the plan). You will then be walked through our simple coaching model:
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