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Committed Player

The Committed Player Program is a long-term player development program designed for individuals who have the resources (time, money, energy) needed to achieve sustained improvement in their golf game. Players receive coaching across all aspects of the game – improving ball-control, decision-making, and self-management. If you are a junior golfer looking to compete at an amateur level (or beyond), and who is serious about lowering your scoring average, this program provides you with the coaching needed to fulfill your goals and dreams.

Each program is unique to each player. Below is an example of what we do with our "Committed Players”.
Committed Player Program:

Game Analysis

•    Opportunity Analysis 
•    Swing Analysis – Ball-flight , Ball-contact
•    Short Game Analysis
•    On-Course Decision Making
•    Mental Toughness / Self-Management

On-Going Coaching & Instruction

•    Ball-Control Training (Full-Swing, Short-Game, Putting)
•    Building Effective Practice Habits
•    Supervised Practice Sessions
•    Course Management / Decision-Making
•    Golf Fitness and Nutrition

Taking It to the Course

•    Mental Toughness Training
•    Transfer Training – Facilitating transfer from practice to competition
•    Tournament Preparation & Scheduling



Targeted Skill Development

The Targeted Skill Development Program is designed for individuals who have a strong desire to improve their game, but are realistic about the constraints of their busy life. Players appropriate for this program include those with limited practice time in their schedule, and who want to see some skill improvement over time. Players will work with Nigel to identify one or two specific ball-control areas of their game (full-swing, short-game, putting), thus allowing for realistic progress. Additionally, players will receive coaching in areas of the game that are less dependent on practice time such as course management, green reading, and decision-making.




Beginner / Intermediate

The Beginner / Intermediate Golfer Program is designed for individuals who want to receive some instruction and coaching on their full swing and short game while also learning basic rules so they can enjoy the game and have fun on the golf course. Golfers will receive coaching on aspects of the game that will help them play better with their existing ball-flight and error tendencies. No attempt will be made to change a player’s golf swing if it is counterproductive given the associated practice requirement that cannot be met. Emphasis will be placed on realistic strategies for improvement.




Full and 1/2 Day Coaching / Private lessons

One Day Program 6 hours

Half Day Program 3 hours

Hour Lessons (50 min)

Developed and Delivered by Nigel Elder


Half Day:  3 hours of personalized coaching for up to 2 players with Nigel Elder 150€

Full day:  6 hour day of personalized coaching for up to 2 players with Nigel Elder 300€

Hour Lessons: Private coaching lessons are available with Nigel for up to 2 players 50€.

Groups: Please contact me for your individual quote.

Greenfees and driving ranges balls are not included in these prices. Nigel is based at Golf Club Gut Wissmannshof in Kassel Germany.


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