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Nigel Elder Golf Coach

Golf Coaching

The best players in the world don`t just take golf lessons. They have a personal coach to guide them in all areas of their game. Now you can too.


In the past you have taken golf lessons from your local Pro to improve your game and shoot the type of scores of which you have always dreamed. If you are like most golfers your efforts have yielded mixed or no results.

Too many golfers are looking for a quick fix, a swing tip that will solve all their issues. Unfortunately no such magical swing tip exists. The best players in the world did not reach their current level of play with swing tips, rather they followed a specific process. This same process is now available to you.



Rethinking Golf Coaching

We need complex science for understanding the golf swing, but we also need a simple translation for learning and teaching. Confusing the two is a route to failure. Using simple swing thoughts allows good swings to emerge - under the expert guidance of our subconscious, implicit learning systems.

Current approaches to golf swing improvement are directly opposed to how humans learn physical skills. We do have powerful, innate, skill-learning systems, which will deliver a great golf swing, but treating the swing as an endless list of positions unfortunately stifles them. These systems - called 'implicit learning' systems - are our route to better golf swings, so we need to give them more freedom to operate. And the most important quality of our implicit learning systems is that they thrive on simplicity - we need a simple approach to learning the golf swing. This is where Nigel Elder`s Coaching Program comes in!!!! You make your golf game. You are responsible for your top performance. Do not wait , join us today in finding a new road for you to improve your golf game just do it now , do not compromise, it is your choice.

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